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About us

who are we?

In today's world, bringing social change is hard. It's a road less taken. Creating communities in a world full of fragmented mindsets is for the select few, celebrating art and its creator is a forgotten reality. This is not about one person, one desire or one piece of art - it's about real change, a real community and real celebration of creators.

we are ikikai

what do we do?

Our singular endeavour is to curate thoughtfully designed products made by our partners universe that comprises of artists, predominantly women-led micro enterprises and social enterprises /NGOs. We want to create an ecosystem wherein our partners collaborate with each other to design and create unique products that come along with an opportunity to do something good!

why are we doing this?

Committing ourselves to driving social change and impacting lives is what we passionately believe in and in doing so we bring careful curation and quality to customers who choose to invest in lifestyle products that are environment friendly, organic, handcrafted and have a social footprint.

ikikai’s spirit is the hummingbird. A fascinating bird symbolizing beauty, aesthetics and uniqueness. At ikikai, we endeavour to invoke that spirit to curate the most well-designed lifestyle products, build a powerful network of creators and inspire social change.

In origami every fold is important in building something beautiful, it is the same for us at ikikai.

The way we source our products to the way we ship them has a purpose. These small actions ‘or folds’ come together to build and deliver something memorable, not just for the customer but for the community at large.

We are proud to build a partner ecosystem comprising of social enterprises/ NGO’s, micro enterprises predominantly led by women entrepreneurs and artists who are committed to creating great designs with high quality products with consciously sourced materials.

Your first buy results in creation of a fund directed towards social enterprises/ NGOs to sustain their impact on society.

The love for design is at the heart of our curation process. Our design team carefully curates' products that are diverse, contemporary and have a social footprint while keeping our customers centricity to ensure that one is spoilt for choices on ikikai.

We invest in design, sourcing and coaching techniques with partner social enterprises/NGOs to create exclusive products.

Most ikikai curations are made to order and are hand crafted Each product is given due time and care for creation to ensure you get the what you ordered.

We believe in showcasing the creator and their story, making each handcrafted product personal and in some cases accompanied by an interesting backstory.

We are fastidious about the quality of our products and we are personal advocates of the products we have curated. We ensure that the product ordered go through multiple quality checks and balances before it is shipped.

We won’t want it any other way, should we be in the shoes of our customers.

With sustainability as our core tenet, our packaging constitutes of materials that adhere and contribute towards being sustainable, reusable and are environmentally friendly

We ensure that each element of our packaging is made from 100% reusable, biodegradable and recyclable materials. - case in point, the glue used to make corrugated box is starch based, we use paper bubble wrap and our tape is made of biodegradable water-soluble material.

For us, every purchase is a promise to make a change in the society and the environment. Our promise of inspiring change and caring is also expressed through our seed paper thank you note, which when seeded grows into a plant to add a bit of green in our life.

We believe that every one of our customers purchases celebrates art, inspires change and makes an impact for the greater good.


We are but the people who make us.

Isha - Co-Founder

The accidental entrepreneur and the original thinker of the group. Isha, has two decades of experience in HR leadership roles across multinational organisations. Her passion for creating a social impact and love for design is integral to ikikai’s journey.

Kshira - Co-Founder

The one with the processes. Kshira is a six-sigma master black belt with a doctorate in reliability engineering from IIT – Mumbai. She has led many technology leadership roles over 20 years across global organizations. Today , she is the pillar of ikikai’s operations with an intense passion to fuel the growth of social enterprises/NGOs.

Parag - Co-Founder

Because what’s a brand without a storyteller? A passionate marketer with 20+ years’ experience managing global brands. He believes in building brands that do good & create a positive impact in people’s lives. Parag’s drive for the brand is key in building the legend of the hummingbird.

Sneha - Head of Design and Engagement

Under the calm demeanor lives the expressive eclectic designer; a gold medalist from NIFT to boot, she eats, sleeps and lives design. With years of experience spanning across design, academics and craft clusters she powers ikikai’s vision of design.

The others that helped in this journey

Asif Amrohi for connecting us to partners who have helped ikikai come together and been a sounding board. Madhu for being our inhouse muse for the aesthetical representation of our love for products. Family and friends for standing by our side and being the wind beneath our hummingbird’s wings.